EQUIPFOURNIL is a society based on 429, rue de la ZA du Pont Royal à CHAMOUSSET (73390-FRANCE). 

   The first activity of the society is the conception and the building of automatic groups,semi-automatic expansion chamber, repose-pâtons and horizontals moulders.

    We offer bakery materials, new or second-hand, like expansion chamber, weighting machine, moulder, automatics groups,for the making of normal bread, tradition or special ones, adapted for different kind of dought and hydratation. 

    The expansion chamber  are created and built on demand, according to the bakery size, and a reduce place.  

    The weighting maching and moulder  can be added and built in automatic group with the expansions chamber,  for a better space and time gestion in your bakery .

    The building of expansion chamber and groups are made by the society

    The society guarantee an initial formation and a following in requirement.


Téléphone09 66 12 32 79
06 45 38 29 49